Our Wedding Details: Father Daughter Dance

With only six days of preparation and three rehearsals, let me tell you how this father daughter dance came together. P.S. All my love and gratitude to Branches Wedding Co. for capturing all of these gorgeous moments on camera. Your talent is unmatched.

For the longest time my dad and I said that we would do the big-shoe dance from Peewee’s Big Adventure at my wedding, instead of a traditional slow dance. I am extremely fortunate to have a strong, close, and supportive relationship with my dad; however, we have never been the slow-father-daughter-dance-type. I would say [and I am confident that he would agree] that we are more of the prank-pulling-silly-rascal types. Such a rascal, that he and my step-mom Anita once duct taped a two and half foot wide spider with glowing red eyes to my apartment bedroom window when I was living alone and waited for me to call him in a panic to ask if it was them…

Now, this isn’t to say that our wedding was without moments that had me [okay, let’s be honest — sorry dad — both of us] a little choked up. I knew from the beginning of mine and Joey’s wedding planning that I wanted to do a first-look with my dad [and my bridesmaids]. And it was just as special as I could’ve imagined. My sister Beth was in the room as well and it’s safe to say we all were a little teary eyed. Then, walking down the aisle, my face immediately began to turn into that “oh no I am going to cry” face when I looked at my dad right before we took our first step on to the pristine blue and white checkered floor. Then, he quickly said to me “ugh, Jay, slow down. You’re running” which made me immediately crack up [pictured below].

We made it down the aisle and he passed my hand to Joey’s, then, there were some words said, a tear-jerking song sung, and poof! Joey and I were married. [I could probably write a book about those moment so I need to keep it short and sweet. Many many more details about THAT will be shared soon.] After I was officially a Mrs. the next most nerve-wracking moment for me was “oh my goodness now I have to remember all of the choreography for the father daughter dance.” We had a dress rehearsal the morning of the wedding in the ballroom, just the third time we practiced. During that time my dad just kept saying to me “well as long as you remember all the dance moves, you can just yell them out to me and we’ll be fine.” Oh yes. “Fine.” I just have to remember all of them, no biggie.

We were feeling good about it, but weren’t sure if the dance-performance pressure would get the best of us. We pieced together dance moves from my childhood dance classes and other classics from our combined repertoire. What was affectionately referred to as “the tribal dance” in our household, the roll clap, the hip-hip-L, the jump bump, and of course, the dip. [Just to name a few.] And as we progressed through each 8 count, I DID yell out the next dance moves for him [completely noticeable in the video below… yup… there’s a video].

We made it through the dip and our completely-made-up “jazz waltz” and then ended big with our final “TEQUILA” jump. I would change not one 8 count of the entire dance.

Side note: as a former non-competitive-just-for-fun-not-really-good-but-enjoyed-it dancer AND a cheerleader in 4th grade, and then again in 8th grade, clearly my facials were on point.

Get ready, buckle up. Here’s the full performance.
[Video credits to my step-sistah Amelia. Thanks a million!!]

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  1. Well, once again I had happy tears reading and watch the dance. It was such a beautiful day and so happy I was a part of it. Love you both!❤

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